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  • § 1 Scope
    • The following terms apply to all of the company Dogan-TaxiCab24 services, especially for the passengers.

  • § 2 contract award and contract completion
    • A contract only by written confirmation of the rental agreement or by the fact that company Dogan - TaxiCab24 mandated services actually provided.
      In addition, the client agrees to give all information and wishes concerning the transfer. online booking form is legally binding and requires a written confirmation by company Dogan.

  • § 3 Prices
    • There are obligatory driving area in the taxi fare Frankfurt. Darüber is also the fare-free nagotiable. Additional charges and special services such as parking fees or waiting periods
      are to be paid separately.

  • § 4 Terms of Payment
    • a) Before commencement of the voyage are 100% of the agreed fee to be paid trip, if not explicitly something else has been agreed upon.
    • b) The outstanding payments are due immediately after the end of the voyage to settle.
    • c) Any default in payment reserves company Dogan - TaxiCab24 before additional costs such as fees, default interest or administrative fees to be collected.
    • d) frequently buyers/customers paying by invoice.

  • § 5 Cancellation
    • Cancellations will be effective only if made in writing, oral canceled if the company Dogan - TaxiCab24 writing.
    • a) cancellation up to and including 4 hours before the contractually specified date of the trip fee will be charged.
    • b) For cancellations after the deadline specified in a) firm deadline calculated Dogan - TaxiCab24. a share of the money as a travel reimbursement. 50% of the agreed price for cancellation up to 2 hours before the journey starts then the full agreed price as a cancellation fee.
    • c) Not calculated driving company Dogan - TaxiCab24 the full fare.
    • d) Not included in the price list included special benefits calculated Dogan company - TaxiCab24 separately.
    • e) For the receipt of written cancellation, the arrival of one company Dogan - TaxiCab24.
    • f) The customer is entitled to a lower reimbursement demonstrated.
    • g) customers have a separate status, and may cancel at any time .no cancellation fees will be charged.

  • § 6 Rights and obligations of the Company Dogan-TaxiCab24
    • Usability of the vehicle: The company Dogan - TaxiCab24 undertakes to provide the user / tenant in accordance with StVG bzw.StVZO safe and regularly serviced technically
      Vehicle including accessories available. The vehicle is located in a clean and hygienic condition.
      The vehicle is in accordance with the general conditions for the motor insurance (AKB) covered.Company Dogan - TaxiCab24 has the right to a place other than the leased
      Vehicle available. A similar class vehicle is required.The drivers have all the drivers license to transfer people
      according to law.

  • § 7 Rights and obligations of the user / tenant
    • The user / tenant has the car to handle and care for the use of all relevant regulations and technical rules. The instructions of the Chauffeurs is strictly followed. Should this not be the case, the company Dogan - TaxiCab24 for immediate cancellation of the contract.

  • § 8 Resignation
    • Company Dogan - TaxiCab24 is entitled at any time rescind the contract if the implementation of the journey is impossible, or the customer to him under this contract provisions obligation breached.

  • § 9 Jurisdiction
    • As agreed jurisdiction for all disputes shall be Frankfurt/Main

  • § 10 Severability / Partial Invalidity
    • If one of the above conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms of the ineffectiveness unaffected. In this case, those provisions the content of the clause on the next comment.